100m Giant water slide

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YouTube When a giant waterside was constructed in Bristol in May 2014 it really captured the imagination of the country.  Over at Mickleover (Derby) we decided that we wanted to be apart of this too.  Mickleover is a district similar to many across the country.  Over the decades the number of community events across the country has tumbled, but in Mickleover we decided that w...

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  Get a giant waterslide in your local town, raise the profile of the town, and raise money for charity!  In Mickleover (Derby) we managed to raise nearly £5000 from participants alone!  We charged each person £5 entry fee, and there were nearly 900 people.  All this money we were able to donate tp local charities.  The fact we had a good time whilst doi...

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Ring XS Events to hire a Giant water slide (Upto 200m in length) also known as a giant slip n slide this unique activity is perfect for corporate activities, charity fun days and promotional events.  Please also check for our mobile and festival stage hire page here, as well as our corporate activity page here, and our Led video wall hire page here.