When a giant waterside was constructed in Bristol in May 2014 it really captured the imagination of the country. Over at Mickleover (Derby) we decided that we wanted to be apart of this too. Mickleover is a district similar to many across the country. Over the decades the number of community events across the country has tumbled, but in Mickleover we decided that we wanted to try and reverse this trend and reinvigorate the local community spirit.

The giant waterside has captured peoples imagination, and at the same time allowed us to raise a lot of money for local charities.
The amount of work, and cost involved in organising a giant waterslide from scratch was a lot more than we envisaged.

We decided not to create a temporary slide from bales of hay and tarpaulins for a number of reasons :


time restraints for the road closure


availability of hay bales


insurance concerns




that we are hoping to repeat the event in Mickleover on an annual basis

The cost of the slide eventually came in at a lot more than we expected, at nearly £10,000!

We had to make lots of changes to the slide, including some made after the event! We have recognised that there is a demand for a similar event in other parts of the country and so have decided to offer our slide for hire!

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