Slip n Slide FAQ

Here are the answers to many common giant water slide hire questions:

Are there age limits? Yes 7 is the minimum age, The minimum height is 1.2m

Are you insured? Yes £5m, and we provide full risk assessments and method statements.

What to wear?  Up to you!  you can come in swimming gear, fancy dress or what you happen to be wearing.  You will have to take your shoes off and please make sure you do not have any sharp pins on your clothes.  You will probably get wet, so you might want a change of clothing. You will have to walk up the hill with no shoes... unless your mum looks after them for you!

Can we raise alot of money for charity? Yes, it possible to raise thousands for your charity

Do we need a hill? YES.  It can work on a flat peice of land but not as well.  Do not listen to any other comapany that tells you otherwise.  Particulaly if they are new to the waterslide revolution!

Do we need water? Yes, We will recirculate as much water as we can, and we will use an environmentally friendly detergent, so the amount of water consumed willl be kept to a minimum.

How many poeple can use the slide in a day?  Around 1000 people can use the slide in a day.  Do not belive anybody who tells you they can 250 - 500 people down the slide in an hour, particularly not if they are new to the game!


What should I do now?  Give our friendly team a call on 07980313252