Ok, they new site is here! Stick with us as this will be subjected to improvements and modifications. If you were at the event in Derby recently and have any good quality high resolution pictures that you wouldnt mind letting us have then i’d be grateful!

Since the Derby Event we have made a few changes to the big/ massive water slide. We have removed the centre of the slide and made our giant water slide a single lane slide. With one wider wider slide lane. We have done this because we dont think the centre is neccessary. We still managed to get a high number of participants down the slide when we were only using one lane on the day!

Why did we only use one lane on the giant water slide? Well a couple of reasons. Firstly we had underestimated the amount of water that was required so could only keep one lane wet. In future events without the centre we will not need so much water on the giant water slide, this is because the centre of the slide restricted the lanes, and created friction as people slid down the slide.

The second reason we used so much water was that the hill in Mickleover was at the limits of the minimum grade of hill (steep) that can be used. In future we would ideally look for a steeper hill than this. That said it was such a huge success in Mickleover that we hope to recreat the event next year 🙂